Center for Population Health Sciences Seminar Series: John W. Rowe, MD, Columbia University @ Li Ka Shing Learning and Knowledge Center, Room 320 | Stanford | California | United States
Measuring the Adaptation of Countries to Societal Aging Event Information and Registration [Reception to follow] With  global aging,  increasing attention has been drawn to ways in which various countries may be adapting (or not) to the increases[...]
BMIR Research Colloquium: Matthew Eisenberg "Health Information Exchange:  What’s taking so long, hat are the real barriers and why won’t the fax machine just die?" @ MSOB, Conference Room X-275 | Stanford | California | United States
Matthew Eisenberg, M.D., Associate Chief Medical Information Officer (ACMIO) Clinical Assistant Professor (Affiliated), Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research, Stanford University Abstract: Easy access to clinical information that travels with the patient wherever she seeks[...]
BMIR Research in Progress: Hima Anbunathan “Genomic Landscape of Uveal Melanoma” @ MSOB, Conference Room X-275 | Stanford | California | United States
Postdoctoral Scholar, Gentles Lab/Mackall Lab, Stanford University     Uveal melanoma (UM) is the most common cancer of the adult eye and manifests as a highly aggressive form in approximately half of the patients. We[...]
BMIR Research in Progress: Bogdan Luca "The Derivation of a Novel Classification Framework for Prostate Cancer Using Unsupervised Bayesian Modelling of Bulk Transcriptome Data" @ MSOB, Conference Room X-275 | Stanford | California | United States
Bogdan Luca, Postdoctoral Scholar, Gentles Lab, Stanford Abstract: A critical problem in the clinical management of prostate cancer is that it is highly heterogeneous. Accurate prediction of individual cancer behaviour is therefore not achievable at[...]