BMIR Research Colloquium: Russ Greiner "An Effective Way to Estimate an Individual's Survival Distribution" @ MSOB, Conference Room X-275 | Stanford | California | United States
Russ Greiner, PhD, Professor, Department of Computing Science PI, Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute University of Alberta   Abstract: An accurate model of a patient’s survival distribution can help determine the appropriate treatment and care of[...]
Medicine Grand Rounds: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Medicine, Why, What and How? @ LKSC, Berg Hall | Palo Alto | California | United States
Presenter: Jonathan Chen, MD, PhD Assistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics Stanford University Jonathan H Chen MD, PhD is a physician-scientist with professional software development experience and graduate training in computer science. He continues to practice Internal[...]
BMIR Research In Progress: Francesco Vallania "Single-Cell Chromatin Modification Profiling Reveals Increased Epigenetic Variations With Aging" @ MSOB, Conference Room X-275 | Rome | Georgia | United States
Francesco Vallania, Postdoctoral Scholar, ITI, Stanford University ABSTRACT: Post-translational modifications of histone proteins and exchanges of histone variants at chromatin are central to the regulation of nearly all DNA-based biological processes. However, the degree and[...]