BMIR SPECIAL RESEARCH COLLOQUIUM: “Critical Care endotypes: Collecting and analyzing large datasets to optimize diagnosis in the ICU” @ MSOB, Conference Room X-275 | Stanford | California | United States
David Maslove, MD, MS Assistant Professor Department of Medicine and Critical Care Queens University ABSTRACT: The diseases treated in the Intensive Care Units (ICU) are syndromic in nature, largely defined by a number of vague[...]
BMIR Research In Progress: Francesco Vallania "ImmunoStates: A New Strategy for Accurate Cell Mixture Deconvolution Across Multiple Gene Expression Platforms and Sample Types" @ MSOB, Conference Room X-275 | Stanford | California | United States
Francesco Vallania Postdoctoral Scholar Khatri Lab, Stanford University Abstract: Cell-mixture deconvolution is an in silico strategy that quantifies proportions of multiple cell subsets directly from gene expression of mixed-cell samples using a signature matrix to link[...]
BMIR Research Colloquium: Teri Klein "Pharmacogenomics Knowledge for Personalized Medicine" @ MSOB, Conference Room X-275 | Stanford | California | United States
Teri Klein Member of Academic Council Professor (Research) of Biomedical Data Science and of Medicine (BMIR) Stanford University Abstract: Pharmacogenomics (PGx) focuses on the use of genomic information to guide drug therapy and is a[...]
BMIR Research in Progress: Pritam Mukherjee "Early Detection of Cancer in the NLST Dataset" @ MSOB  | Stanford | California | United States
Pritam Mukherjee, Postdoctoral Scholar, BMIR, Stanford University ABSTRACT: The National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) screened high risk individuals, heavy smokers and between the age of 55 and 74 years, for lung cancer, using either low[...]