Presenters: Shivaani Kummar, MD, Nam Bui, MD and Nora Ku, MD Kummar: Professor of Oncology and Radiology Surgery Bui: Clinical Assistant Professor, Oncology  HRP273 Essentials of Clinical Research at Stanford, Winter Quarter 2018 We are[...]
CDH Workshop: StartX: Is a Startup Right for You? @ LK130, Li Ka Shing Center | Palo Alto | California | United States
Looking to build your startup? StartX is a collection of serial entrepreneurs, industry experts, Stanford professors, and well-funded growth-stage startups that believes entrepreneurs can achieve more, as a group, than as individuals. Attend this workshop[...]
MIPS Seminar: Precision Imaging Guides Cancer Therapy @ LKSC, LK1200 | Palo Alto | California | United States
Presenter: Dr. Umar Mahmood, MD Vice Chair for Precision Imaging in the Department of Radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital and Professor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Mahmood’s research has focused on translational applications[...]