BMIR Research In Progress: Francesco Vallania "ImmunoStates: A New Strategy for Accurate Cell Mixture Deconvolution Across Multiple Gene Expression Platforms and Sample Types" @ MSOB, Conference Room X-275 | Stanford | California | United States
Francesco Vallania Postdoctoral Scholar Khatri Lab, Stanford University Abstract: Cell-mixture deconvolution is an in silico strategy that quantifies proportions of multiple cell subsets directly from gene expression of mixed-cell samples using a signature matrix to link[...]
Presenter: Aarthi Chary, MD; Clinical Assistant Professor (Affiliated) [VAPAHCS] of Medicine (Infectious Diseases). Zoom Meeting ID: 790 915 319
Presenter: Amer Raheemullah, MD; Clinical Instructor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. Zoom Meeting ID: 790 915 319