Medicine Grand Rounds – The Science Behind Meditation

June 24, 2015 @ 8:00 am – 9:00 am
Li Ka Shing Center for Learning and Knowledge, Paul Berg Hall B&C, 2nd Floor
Stanford University
300 Pasteur Drive, Stanford, CA 94304
Department of Medicine
Medicine Grand Rounds - The Science Behind Meditation @ Li Ka Shing Center for Learning and Knowledge, Paul Berg Hall B&C, 2nd Floor  | Stanford | California | United States

Presenter: Barry Kerzin, MD
Faculty, Mind and Life Institute
Amherst, Massachusetts

Dr. Barry Kerzin is a Buddhist monk, teacher, and medical doctor. He is a former Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Washington in Seattle.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama ordained him as a fully ordained Buddhist monk. He has completed many short and long meditation retreats over the last 28 years, including a 3-year retreat.

At the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and Princeton University, he was a subject for research on long-term meditators. The structure and function of Dr. Kerzin’s brain was studied. This research has been published in the leading neuroscience journals in the world including Nature and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science numerous times.

Dr. Kerzin spends about 7 months annually teaching around the world in India, Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia, North America, Europe, Ukraine, and Russia. He continues practicing medicine treating poor people, as well as the highest Tibetan lamas, free of charge. He is board certified as a fellow in the American Board of Family Medicine. He is also a diplomat in the American Academy of Family Practice.

He has cared for three meditation masters at the time of their deaths, while in the state of tukdam, or clear light meditation of death.

At the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig, Germany, Dr. Kerzin is a consultant for a large research project studying the cultivation of compassion. He is contributing to both a film and a book as part of the initial phase.

Dr. Kerzin is the Chairman of a public interest Ippan Shadan Hojin – Human Values Institute – based in Japan. The HVI hosts Dr. Kerzin several times a year in Japan.