Harnessing Digital Technologies to Advance Global Precision Health and Development

New Frontiers in Precision Population Health & Health Equity Seminar Series Event

This event will feature a keynote presentation by Brigitte Gosselink, Director of Product Impact at Google.org, and a panel discussion moderated by Professor Stephen Luby.

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Digital technologies have the potential to significantly reduce global health and development inequalities. As part of the New Frontiers in Precision Population Health and Health Equity Seminar Series, our upcoming panel session will explore:

  • How innovative digital technologies (e.g., drones, AI-enabled screening tools) are being used to develop more precise and effective global health and development policies and interventions
  • Potential for digital technologies to help manage the COVID-19 crisis in India
  • Opportunities for, and limitations of, digital technologies to facilitate global health and economic equity
  • Future directions in digital health technologies and precision health and development

This event is co-sponsored by the Center for Population Health Sciences (PHS), the Department of Epidemiology & Population Health, and the King Center on Global Development